Stunts, fights [ENG]


Freddy Bouciegues (Iron Man, The Sarh Connor Chronicles): Stunt
Janene Carleton (Battlestar Galactica, Smallville): Stunt Double Emmy Rossum
Lateef Crowder
(Heroes, Avatar): Stunt
Jared S.Eddo (300, Rambo): Stunt coordinator
Jonathan Eusebio (300, The Bourne Ultimatum, Wolverine): Martial stunts coordinator
Daniel Hernandez (300, Wolverine): Stunt Double
Dusan Hyska (Gangs of New York league des gentleman extraordinaires): Stunt
Yoshio Iizuka (Pirates des Caraïbes, MI3): Stunt Double Gohan
Ralf Koch (Speed Racer, Serenity, Constantine): Stunt rigger
Ming Liu
(la Momie 3, Transformers, Dead or Alive, Serenity): Stunt double
Sam Looc (Super Hero Movie, Rush Hour 3, Pirates des Caraïbes): Utility stunt
Jackson Spidell: Stunt double Justin Chatwin
Don Tai (Pirates des Caraïbes 3, Heroes): Stunt Double Chow Yun Fat
Jon Valera (Spedd Racer, Pirates des Caraïbes 3, 300): Stunt
César René Vigné (Vantage Point, Resident Evil Extinction): Stunt double Justin Chatwin
Ryan Watson (Wolverine, Spiderman 3, 300): Stunt
Mike Wilson (Assassin, Devil May Cry 3): Stunt

Here videos of some of these artists, it's unbelievable what they can do!
Sam Looc

Sam Looc has very kindly accepted to give me a little interview about his job.

"- How did you become stuntman?
I starting doing short independent movies with friends and did my own actions, fights, and stunts. Watched alot of action movies. Bruce Lee and alot of Hong Kong action movies.

- Why did you choose this job?
Its my passion to make movies and be involve in the entertainment industry. It makes me happy and every job is different.

- What do you prefer in your job?
Working with other great stunt guys, meeting new people and learning from others. Exciting and fun.

- What is the most difficult stunt that you ever done?
I cant really really say.

- What stunt do you dream to do?
I dont know, I guess doing a featured fight scene with Jet Li, or Jackie Chan

- And about the movie
What sort of stunts have you done in Dragonball?
I only did the prep work, did not actually get to work on it when it started filming. Help rehearse fight choreo and tested wire works.

- Were they challenging?
Yes, but also fun.

- What is your favorite stunt in this movie?
I only did the prep so I didnt get to do any stunt in the movie.

- Have you developped special stunts for this movie?

- Do you enjoy work on this movie?

- What are your feelings about the movie, about what you've seen during the shooting?
Did not work on the movie when filming so I dont know.

- Will fights be spectacular? Cant say.

What are your future projects?
Dont know, Our business is so unpredictable.
- Will you continue Zero Gravity?

Lateef Crowder

Mike Wilson

Those three stunts are from a team called "Zero Gravity Team", and they make fantastic stunts.
Jackson Spidell, doublure de Justin Chatwin

Jon Valera

Don Tai

Here you can see the job of  Jonathan Eusebio (martial stunts coordinator for Dragonball) on the movie "Never come back", where he was fight and stunts choregraph.

For some scenes, actors and actresses can't have a double. They have to do stunts by themselves. For physical movies like Dragonball, they hae a preparation. This prep can be few months long. 
has done this actors prep. 87eleven has already worked on Matrix, 300...Physical prep has to sculpt actors body too, and can be very intense.
Here a video of the preparation for 300.

We don't know a lot of things, just that they will use wires, like in Matrix or Crouching toger, hidden Dragon, and we know that scenes were intense for actors: wires were difficult for Eriko Tamura, and James Marsters has borken a teeth during a scene.
Under a video of the wire work on Matrix.

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