The story, spoilers! [ENG]

Sorry for my poor english, but I hope you will enjoy...


The first pictures and information circulating suggest that the film will be rather distant from the original.

Sangoku would be a high school student and a little shy and strange, but extremely good in martial arts. His grandfather Gohan, a former martial arts champion, would have trained him since he was a young boy. Scenes of high school life and student parties were shot. Sangoku will meet Bulma in a car crash (between Bulma's car and Goku's bike).

Piccolo, a millennium demon, is looking for Dragon Balls to dominate the world (he had almost succeeded 2000 years ago). He kills Gohan to recover its Dragon Ball, and also attacks the Bulma's father (owner of a Dragon Ball in the film).

Before his dead, Gohan reveals the secret of Dragon Ball to Goku, and told him to go to see Master Roshi. Sangoku goes. He's probably going to train with the old man.

Normally, Goku, Bulma and Turtle Famous meet Yamcha in the desert (they are certainly looking for the Dragon Balls at that time), and Yamcha has a sort of of van tuned with gadgets. He joins them.

Normally Piccolo reveals to Sangoku his true identity of Saiyen, and offers him to become his more important subordinate.

The film ends with perhaps a tournament, in which Goku becomes romantically involved with Chichi.

These assumptions are based on the descriptions of characters in the casting, sets, as well as photos and news of the shooting.
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